StrongU Miner STU-U6 DASH Asic miner 420G X11 miner

Short Description:

StrongU miners U6 420GH/s Power 2100W  mining  Cryptocurrency DASH

  • FOB Price:
  • Hashrate: 420±5% GH/s
  • Power: 2100±10% W
  • Weight: 9KG
  • Product Detail

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    StrongU miners U6 420GH/s Power 2100W  mining  Cryptocurrency DASH

    Machine hash: 420g±8%

    Wall-mounted energy consumption: 2000W±10%

    Hash technology: X11

    • Power supply: included

    Working temperature: 0C~40C

    Size: 370 * 135 * 208mm

    Weight: 7.5 kg

    Noise level: 76 decibels

    Input voltage: AC 220-240V AC current, 50/60 Hz

    warranty service:

    1. If the new machine is within the warranty period, the original manufacturer of the mining machine is responsible. Generally, the official after-sales repair service date for the new machine is 180 days,We will guide you to find official free maintenance.

    2. The used second-hand miners shall be guaranteed within 30 days from the date of shipment, and the maintenance cost of the machine shall be paid according to the actual situation.

    3. We will send a test video with SN code before shipment to ensure that the mining machine you purchased is in good condition.

    4. If the mining machine you purchased fails, please send us detailed information about your problem (preferably the kernel log and the mining machine work page), and we will also try to help you solve the problem remotely.


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