Avalon 1166pro 72T SHA256 ASIC miner BTC BCH mining machine

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Avalon miners A1166 Pro  72TH/s Power 3420W  Bitcoin mining  BTC

  • FOB Price:
  • Hashrate: 72±5%TH/s
  • Power: 3420±10%W
  • Weight: 13KG
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    Avalon miners A1166 Pro  72TH/s Power 3420W  Bitcoin mining  BTC


    warranty service:

    1. If the new machine is within the warranty period, the original manufacturer of the mining machine is responsible. Generally, the official after-sales repair service date for the new machine is 180 days,We will guide you to find official free maintenance.

    2. The used second-hand miners shall be guaranteed within 30 days from the date of delivery, and the maintenance cost of the machine shall be paid according to the actual situation.

    3. We will send a test video with SN code before shipment to ensure that the mining machine you purchased is in good condition.

    The following conditions will invalidate the warranty!

    1.The mining machine itself is dismantled, and the components are changed and replaced.

    2.Damage caused by lightning strikes, voltage surges, inferior power supplies, etc.

    3.Ingress of water, circuit boards and components are affected by moisture and corrosion;

    4.The circuit board has burnt marks or the chip is burned;

    5. Overclocking.

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