Goldshell HS5 Mining HNS Algorithms Handshake And Blake2B-Sia With PSU 5.4Th 2650W

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Goldshell miners HS5   mining Handshake 2700GH/s Power 2650W &  Siacoin 5400GH/s Power 1500W

  • FOB Price:
  • Hashrate: 2700±5% GH/s - Handshake , 5400±5% GH/s - Siacoin
  • Power: 2650±10% W-Handshake,1500±10% W-Siacoin
  • Weight: 9KG
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    Goldshell miners HS5   mining Handshake 2700GH/s Power 2650W &  Siacoin 5400GH/s Power 1500W



    1. As the price of miner is changing anytime with the cryptocurrency market, we will not accept refund requests or returns after delivery.

    2. All import tax or duty cost are not included。


    1. About the Used miner:
    Before shipment of each used miner, it will be strictly tested by professionals to ensure the hash rate of theminer and provide customers with test video/pictures and status pageif you need; We will provide free repaire service within 30 days after delivery and the round-trip freight shall be borne by the customer.

    2. About the Brand new miner:
    All new miners have after-service which provided by the original manufacturer. Please read the user manual and contact the after-service center if need.


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