Advice for Choosing a Suitable Mining Machine

Four things to consider when choosing the best rig for Bitcoin

Here are four things you need to Four things to consider when choosing the best rig for Bitcoin.

1) Consumption of electricity

Mining consumes a considerable amount of electricity. For example, one Bitcoin transaction requires the same energy needed to power nine homes in the US for one day, as it takes a lot of energy to run powerful computers and servers. Furthermore, the number of servers is expected to grow exponentially and at the same rate that bitcoins are produced, which means the energy consumption will also increase.

2) Internet connection

A very reliable internet connection is essential if you want to mine Bitcoin and other altcoins, so choosing a plan that offers a stable connection and doesn’t experience frequent dropouts or downtime is essential. In addition, you must be aware of the network fees you will be charged to make mining profitable. Bitcoin miners deal with constantly changing network fees, and you must choose a plan that is not likely to consume more electricity than it generates.

3) Rate of hash

Choose a plan that offers you the opportunity of expanding as your business grows and with your preferred provider. To get the most for your money, you should choose plans that allow you to scale up and down according to the network load.

4) Tech support

You will need tech support and guidance while setting up a Bitcoin mining farm. Still, it’s also essential that they provide you with detailed information on how exactly you can set up your Bitcoin miners so that there’s no need for hiring an expert or taking help from outside sources. They should also offer their services around the clock and have 24/7 availability.

You can look for Bitcoin mining software online, but it won’t do much good if you don’t already have a sound graphics card installed on your computer. An ASIC device or USB bitcoin miner is the best option in such cases. You can also join a Bitcoin mining pool, which will help you increase your odds of earning bitcoins and then get them sent to your wallet.



For individual miners, recommends a machine with a relatively low power consumption ratio represented by T17+ and S17e. This miner is currently the mainstream model in the market. Compared with the latest models, the price is lower, the return period is shorter. When cryptocurrency price rises, the volatility of mining hardware to electricity prices will decrease, and this advantage will gradually widen, bringing more benefits to investors.

For customers who value mid to long-term returns, it is especially important to choose a machine with extremely low power consumption and stable operation. The ANTMINER T19S19, and S19 Pro are selections tailored for this type of investment. A notable highlight is the current chip technology equipped in the 19 series is the most advanced technology at present. With the total production capacity of mining hardware manufacturers today being limited and the existence of Moore’s Law leads to an increasing physical iteration cycle of the chip, which in theory will lead to an increased lifecycle available to new hardware.

Post time: Mar-02-2022